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Why Costa Rica?

In recent years Costa Rica has become one of the top tourist destinations in the western hemisphere and has a well deserved reputation as a peaceful and beautiful country. Overall when one looks closely at the country one begins to appreciate what a truly unique country Costa Rica is.

Did You Know?

  1. Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world without a free standing army. Costa Rica made a decision many years ago to be a peaceful nation. Funds that would otherwise have been used to support an army instead are directed towards education and the environment.
  2. The average longevity of Costa Ricas' population is studied worldwide. It has close to the highest number of centenarians in the world.
  3. Costa Rica became the third most popular destination for North Americans seeking medical and dental tourism procedures. Patients often save as much as 70% off the average price of care in the United States including travel costs.

Why are our costs so low?

In Costa Rica patients can save an average of 70% of the costs of most procedures. SAME QUALITY WORK, MUCH LOWER PRICES. This is because of the difference in how Costa Rica treats malpractice. In the United States the propensity to sue for the slightest misfortune with the hope of high monetary rewards has become the norm. Costs have skyrocketed due to the tort system. Ultimately these costs are passed on to the consumer through high fees charged by care givers. In order for the average doctor to protect themselves from these types of lawsuits they must pay exorbitant fees for malpractice insurance. An obstetrician in Florida for example must pay two hundred thousand per year in insurance before taking a dime for themselves. Of course these costs are passed on to the patient in an ever upward spiraling cost structure.

Not So in Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica there are no big payoffs and very few people sue for malpractice. The Costa Rican court system holds proving malpractice to a much higher standard than the U.S. because IN COSTA RICA MALPRACTICE IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY A PRISON SENTENCE. This type of legal structure is a great disincentive both for malpractice and absurd claims of damages that have destroyed the sense of balance in the system in the U.S.A.