Dental implants Costa Rica

Upper or lower jaw restoration

If you use dentures in your lower or upper mouth, we have an affordable solution for you!

The "upper or lower mouth restoration" package with dental implants available for the restoration of either jaw includes all the basic services we provide such as:

  • Free transportation. All of our dental packages include free and private transportation hotel/clinic/hotel.
  • Concierge services. During your stay, our dedicated concierge services department can help you
  • You don’t need a cab. We’ll provide you free transportation airport/hotel/airport
  • Assistance at the airport. As soon as you arrive, we will provide an exclusive service in the custom area.

Special Packages

PACKAGE PRICE$9,350$9,350$10,850
Evaluation, medication and 3D dental tomography
One occlusal guard  
Dental implants per dental arch (upper or lower) 4-6 implants 6-8 implants 6-8 implants
Acrylic dentures with a titanium bar (upper or lower)    
Fixed porcelain noble metal bridge of 12 to 14 teeth (crowns) per dental arch  
IV Sedation    
Any necessary tooth extraction
Bilateral sinus lift augmentation  

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