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Recommended for any major dental procedure

My name is Sandra Terra. I live in Florida, Jacksonville Beach.

I've had at this clinic, primarily I came down here for a couple of crowns and I thought I needed an implant but the doctor said: no, you need a bridge, so I got a bridge, a Crown, a filling, my teeth cleaned and a night guard, the first time I came down.

I did a lot of research online before I made a choice regarding medical tourism, actually and I looked 4 to 5 different clinics and in different parts of the world: Thailand, Mexico, and here, and based on reviews and my research, I chose New Smile.

I think everybody is very nice, very professional. When I first came here, the first thing I did was checked up the bathroom because if the bathroom is clean then I thought everything else would be fine, everyone is just really really nice and it's nice that almost everyone speaks English or at least understands it cause my Spanish is bad.

I had no problems. I did come down and had two dental implants placed about a year ago and one of those implants failed and I returned and I really anticipated having to pay for that and I got ready to pay and I said : ok, what do I owe you? and Dr. Bonilla said: you don't own me anything, I guarantee my work. I really was stounded because that is not the way that it would have gone down in the States or my dentist, I would be paying for another implant.

First the cost factor but also, trust the staff and trust the dentist here. They were very thorough in the explanation about what was going to happen, what did happen and what I should do... You know, even now, I came to have my bite adjusted from crowns over the implants and the doctor told me if I bite the inside of my cheek to just massage to that little lump away. Well, I've been down to a dentist a lot a nobody has ever told me that before so, he is really helpful in providing information about, you know, what is really happening to me and how I can take better care of myself.

I have recommended him and passed out many business cards, I really would come back here for any major dental procedure that I need and feel very comfortable doing that.

Sandra Terra
15 July 2019