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No more dentures!

My name is David Hixon, I am 73 years old, I am retired (thanks to God) and I was very very tired of pulling up with dentures. Anyone who's ever had the experience of wearing one or two dentures knows that is not even similar to having your own teeth.

The problem I had, that I faced in the United Stated was simply the expense of having dental implants put in made it out of my league, it's very simple.

I started investigating on the internet and discovered this marvelous clinic and I came to visit, I came to see what could be done for me and how expensive it would be.

The clinic from the moment I arrived was impressive, on every level. Almost everyone is bilingual, everyone is incredibly friendly, incredibly helpful, I can't obviously be kindly enough about it and then, I was lucky enough to meet the doctor who expertly first did x-ray me, this was prior any cost being even discussed. I then, met the doctor who as I said, he's the head of the clinic, he looked at my x-rays and he said to me: "how do you feel about your dentures" and I said "how do you think I feel? I don't feel good", he said "well, what's kept you from having it replaced", then I said "very simple, the expense", I can't afford to have implants put in and I checked with more than one dentist in the US and its simple, it's out of my league and he said "ok, let's talk". We talk about it, he gave me a price of having the lower part of my jaw, having implants put in and not a removable denture but a permanent situation, very similar it was like when I had my own teeth.

They  have their own laboratory here, very very equipped, high tech laboratory, they are accredited by every major accreditation group in the world and then you can read it on the walls, its quite impressive; the doctors themselves are very very impressive and very important to me, the cost was remarkable, it was a good 70% and some cases in some  of the other estimates I had , 70% less that I've been told by at least a half of dozen dentist in the US, the average difference was 70% less, so I can only suggests anyone who sees this, that if they are interested of having, obviously first world dental work done at a cost that is, using the word "reasonable" is almost 70%, its beyond reasonable and perhaps taking a vacation in what is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and paying for  on what you save on your dental work I get close consideration to this clinic, it is truly a worthwhile experience.

That's it, it's over! I got my implants; the whole process, I'm really quite taking a bath! This is bloody amazing! The whole process its 20 to 30 minutes. To put the implants in, absolutely, absolutely no discomfort, I am like everyone else in the universe, had a little trepidation , a little fear about going to the dentist  then, I had more than a little fear about having this done, it totally go away, no discomfort, 20 to 30 minutes and it was finished, the implants were implanted... I don't know what else to tell you except "here is the denture! no more, good bye, good riddance, good bye".

David Hixon
28 August 2019