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The Technology behind our Dental Implant Center

We at New Smile Dental Group pride ourselves in our constant commitment to evaluate and use cutting edge technology in all our processes, from the patient's dental imaging acquisition up to the final implant process.

Dental Imaging

New Smile Dental Group is proud to offer three dimensional CAT scan imaging in our dental center utilizing the SCANORA® 3D designed and manufactured by Soredex®. With SCANORA® 3D, the advanced dental imaging required for accurate diagnostics, implant treatment planning and oral surgery can now be done in our dental facilities.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT), also known as Cone Beam Volumetric Imaging (CBVI) provides a new and innovative way of seeing dental and maxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic tasks. It is now regarded as the standard of care for many applications in dentistry and is profoundly influencing clinical decision making like no other imaging modality developed in the past century.

The SCANORA® 3D System is essentially two machines in one – providing the speed and efficiency of traditional panoramic imaging in conjunction with advanced 3D technology. The high definition panoramic image shows the regions that need further investigation with 3D imaging. The optimum 3D field of view can then be easily selected, treatment planned and finally follow-up studies done. Sophisticated computing technology improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts, such as patient movement and metal restorations in the patient's mouth. The four selectable fields of view allow patient radiation dosage to be kept to an absolute minimum. Area for area, dose levels are significantly lower than with medical CT scanning up to 80%.

  • Latest technology.
  • 3D imaging dental X-ray and high definition panoramic imaging.
  • New and innovative way of seeing dental and maxillofacial anatomy.
  • Provides advanced dental imaging for accurate diagnostics for Implant treatment planning. 
  • Patient radiation dosage at an absolute minimum - area for area, dose levels are up to 80% lower than medical CT scaning.

The SCANORA® 3D has been designed from the ground up using the very latest 3D imaging technology, some of its benefits are:

  • Provides a new and innovative way of seeing dentomaxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic problems.
  • After scanning and image reconstruction, a full range of diagnostic options can be explored.
  • The proper image volume can be selected for each specific diagnostic task. The field-of-view can be positioned anywhere within the maxillofacial area
  • At a press of a button the unit automatically switches between Cone Beam 3D and panoramic imaging modes making it quick and efficient to use. 
  • Uses an integrated seat for superior patient support and accurate patient positioning. The chin rest and temporal supports firmly hold the patient's head to eliminate movement artifacts in 3D and panoramic imaging 
  • The new XL FOV covers the whole dentomaxillofacial area extending the diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities of SCANORA® 3D for orthodontic and orthognathic procedures, airway studies and trauma cases.

On-Site Dental Laboratory

We at New Smile Dental Group have our own on-site full-service Dental Laboratory with twelve experienced and dedicated technicians, who have been selected for their knowledge, experience and attention to detail.

Our chief lab technician is a true artist who specializes in porcelain, metal crowns and porcelain veneers. Our staff undergoes continuous training to keep ahead of the curve in modern dentistry techniques.

Besides regular porcelain crowns we work with Zirconium a metal with a long-standing reputation for quality, durability and beauty in dental ceramics. This exemplifies our commitment to state-of-the-art techniques.

Our lab utilizes a dental CAD/CAM capture system manufactured by Shutz Dental in Germany and CAD/CAM computer technology design software to fabricate our patients' dental restorations onsite.